HTC J Butterfly

October 17, 2012 in Features, Hardware, News by TK

The HTC J Butterfly has just been announced in Japan. What’s so great about a phone named Butterfly and why is this news even though it’s only available in Japan? It’s actually one of the first 1080p display smartphones out there. Specs are the usual suspects for a flagship smartphone. Quadcore  S4 pro processor, 2GB of Ram, various memory sizes and an 8 MP camera in the rear. This is a 5″ display with a DPI of 440, which pretty much blows away the competition. My only concern with this phone is the battery. It is a 2,020 mAh battery and it’s supposed to power the processor and the 1080p screen. I’ll hold judgement until it comes stateside but until then, it is one amazingly beautiful smartphone from HTC.

No pricing and shipping as of yet, but I’m sure HTC will make this available to the US but with a different name. This could be HTC’s version of the Nexus when it arrives.

Source: TheVerge