February 21, 2013 in Features, Hardware by TK

All I gotta say is I want one. Not that I need it but I just want one. Basically the 3Doodler is a derivative of the 3D printing craze. The main difference is that you hold this and can be freehand unlike the printers which need plot points, software, etc. I kept throwing money at the screen when I was watching the video but nothing happened! Lucky for us there is still time to get in on the action for a possible delivery sometime at the end of the year. All the early bird specials are gone and their funding will end on March 25th.

A new way to draw and have fun and to build 3d models. Judging by its success on kickstarter I’m sure people will find amazing ways to use this pen, but be careful when handling cuz the tip get hot!

Source: 3Doodler