0 Point Ruler Concept

December 14, 2012 in Concepts by TK

Do you draw lots of lines and sometimes you have to go back to 0, but it becomes super annoying and inaccurate when doing so? Well here are a few designers that is thinking we don’t need inaccurate measurements anymore. Chul Sung Ahn, Chang Dae Jeon, Da Hye Lee and Hee Chul Kwak brings us this concept ruler in which wherever the pencil touches the ruler it recalibrates the measurements to 0.

This ruler sports a pressure sensitive screen and it recharges it self by sticking your finger in the red ring and twirling around. Awesome! No need for batteries. Great concept especially for the draftsmen at heart. Hopefully one day, something like this hits the market, but for now, we can only hope and imagine.

Source: Tuvie